A long standing partnership between South Yorkshire Housing Association and the School of Architecture. This ‘Project Stack’ brings together design and research projects from multiple courses and year groups to develop knowledge and specialist skills in social housing design and performance.

2019 – ongoing / South Yorkshire / in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association

This partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association builds on earlier collaborations to form a ‘project stack’ – a bringing together of projects across different parts of the School of Architecture and across several years. Now in its fourth year the partnership, coordinated by Live Works, has produced a wealth of research and design proposals that build specialist skills and knowledge for our students and academics, and for SYHA’s staff and customers. Outputs from three years of the SYHA Project Stack include dissertations, case-studies, design proposals and Live Projects. Areas of focus include customer participation and co-design, modern methods of construction, zero-carbon futures, co-housing, liveable neighbourhoods, self-build and adaptability. 

In 2022 Live Works worked with SYHA to produce an exhibition of Years 1 & 2 of the Project Stack outputs. This was displayed at the SYHA offices in Sheffield city centre for several months and was accompanied by an audio tour.

Selected highlights from the Project Stack include:

Live Projects (MArch and MAAD, 2019-22):

Cuthbert Bank

Live Well

Growing Communities

Neighbourhood Review

Housing Project (Y2 BA, 2020-21)

The Housing Newspaper 

Dissertations (MArch):

What Should Social Housing Become? 

(Henry McBrien and Matthew Allen, 2019-20)

A Social Value Toolkit for Social Housing

(Jamil Dossa, 2020-21)

Strategies for the Retrofit of SYHA’s Terraced Housing Stock

(Thomas Franks, 2020-21)

Deep Retrofit Case Studies (SAS)

911 (2019-20)

Whinn Dale (2020-21)
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an image of a group of elderly people being shown a mood board on paper.
SYHA Project Stack