‘Build a New Doncaster’ is an educational project developed with our partner, Doncaster Civic Trust. Building on to the idea of the ‘Toolkit’, we developed an annual architectural competition specifically for primary schools in Doncaster, which aims to encourage young people to understand and engage with built environment issues and built heritage in a creative way.

October 2014 – December 2016 / Doncaster / in partnership with Doncaster Civic Trust and Doncaster primary schools

The annual competition is organised in partnership with Sheffield School of Architecture as part of their Participation in Urban Design module. Postgraduate architecture and urban design students are involved in mentoring children in primary schools throughout the design phase of the competition, helping them to develop a design proposal for an existing site in Doncaster.

The first competition was held in November 2014, with six primary schools participating, and the top three schools receiving monetary prizes. The competition has now concluded a successful second year.

The competition is one of a suite of initiatives established by Doncaster Civic Trust. Engaging primary school children to help develop their interest in the built environment is also supported by a bursary scheme to help Doncaster students pay their university and training expenses for studies in built environment and traditional craft disciplines.

“Working with Doncaster Civic Trust and primary schools across Doncaster has provided a fantastic opportunity for student architects and urban designers to share their passion for the built environment. The School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield prides itself on its socially engaging approach to education and the ‘Build a New Doncaster’ competition and ‘Doncaster Toolkit’ are excellent examples of this. Through working together, Build a New Doncaster has shown the creativity that can flow between students, pupils, teachers and specialists, working collaboratively to make the world a better place to live in. Our collaboration has provided opportunities for everyone involved to learn from each other, breaking down barriers between those that give knowledge and those that have been given it!”

Leo Care, Live Works

“Perhaps one of the most satisfying elements of our work with the university is their commitment to bring an impressive range of young student talent, diversity and enthusiasm to our projects. Our members have witnessed first-hand how well-received the students are in classrooms and in other forums in delivering our projects. We think this is a priceless contribution that traditional consultancies tend not to offer.”

Jeff Prior, Doncaster Civic Trust


Build a New Doncaster