Live Works is run by a team of staff, students and graduates from the University of Sheffield School of Architecture.

Live Works is run by a core team of staff with many years of experience in socially engaged design, teaching and research. We also employ highly skilled students and graduates, enabling them to gain experience in socially-engaged practice whilst helping to retain talented graduates in Sheffield.

The Live Works Team
Carolyn Butterworth, Director

Carolyn is a Senior University Teacher and Director of Live Works. She also supervises the School of Architecture’s Live Projects programme which involves groups of masters students working with external partners to deliver real projects for the benefit of the community. She leads the ‘In Residence’ MArch design studio which specialises in arts-led community regeneration.

She is a an advocate of the value of ‘liveness’ in architectural education and teaches students how to engage with local communities actively and creatively on site, often in collaboration with artists. She is also Founding Chair of the national Urban Rooms Network and a member of the Advisory Board for ReNew Sheffield.

Leo Care, Co-Director

Leo is Co-Director and co-founder of Live Works. Having led the MArch (RIBA Part 2) course for four years, he currently leads the Y3 undergraduate course at the School of Architecture. Leo has previously run the Live Projects programme and been involved in curating a range of ‘live’ teaching initiatives, including the first year undergraduate project ‘Matter-reality’, where students design and build structures in Sheffield’s City Centre, and the second year ‘Community’ project in collaboration with South Yorkshire Housing Association.

As a design enabler and facilitator Leo has worked with many community/interest groups, delivering design training and advocating participatory design practices.

Tom Moore, PhD Candidate

Tom is an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. His research explores spatial educational practices between the university and the city and uses his practice with Live Works as a laboratory of experimentation.

His interest in engaged education emerged during his study on the School of Architecture’s MArch course, where he took part in two Live Projects, ‘Revealing The Castle’ and ‘Harmony Works’ which he continues to work on alongside other design projects and participatory events with Live Works and their partners.

Ayse Humeyra Bas, PhD Candidate: SYHA Project Stack Coordinator

Meyra is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield on a scholarship to study abroad from the Ministry of Education of Turkey. She took her MArch degree at the University of Nottingham in sustainable urban design in 2017. During her dissertation research, she grasped how housing was crucial in terms of sustainability in every aspect, leading her to focus on housing in her doctoral studies. She is conducting her research at the School of Architecture on communication and feedback efficiency of modular housing in the UK.  Her research interests are sustainable design, organisational communications, feedback, building performance evaluation, post-occupancy evaluation, affordable housing, modular housing and urban design.

Since 2021 Meyra has been Coordinator for the South Yorkshire Housing Association Project Stack.

Claire Tymon, PhD Candidate

Claire Tymon is a creative entrepreneur who initiates and co-produces creative place-based projects, embedding co-design and participation at the heart of her practice. She is a true collaborator, and creates best practice when testing new methodologies and reflecting on the process. Claire introduces an extensive network of creative practitioners, community groups, policy makers and local organisations to makers, artists and students and continues to champion creative approaches to make positive, sustainable change in society. She is an expert in creative methodologies within the urban fabric to create and implement strategies resulting in sustainable ‘place-shaking’ projects. Claire is currently undertaking a PhD by Practice at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture.

Georgina Henwood

Image of Georgina Henwood

Georgina is an MArch student who is interested in socially motivated projects which employ participatory practice. She believes that architecture should be a collaboration between users and designers to create the most meaningful buildings. Through her practice at Live Works, she is learning how feedback from user groups can be successfully incorporated into all stages of the design process, especially early in the project. Georgina enjoys working on refurbishment projects and reusing existing buildings that offer sustainable opportunities to make disused structures useful to communities again.

Susie Fairbank Angus

Image of Susie Fairbank AgnusSusie is an MArch student and is working with Live Works to further her interest in exploring creative and joyful participatory methods of design. She is interested in the alternative processes of producing and protecting sustainable and resilient spaces that challenge the increasing privatisation of cities by giving agency to the local communities that live in them.

Her recent studio project explored the idea of temporary urbanism as a form of activism; speculating how the collaborative production of temporary interventions in disused spaces could empower young people to take ownership of their urban environment.


Previous Team Members

Dr Maša Šorn, Research Associate – Urban Education Live

Maša worked on the ESRC/ JPI-Europe research project Urban Education Live, 2017-2021. As part of Live Works team, her main research focus was on collaborations between communities and universities and using local hubs as spaces-for nourishing creative conversations about cities. 


Dr Faith Ng’eno, Project Stack Coordinator – South Yorkshire Housing Association

Faith is an architect and educator from Nairobi, Kenya, who completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2020. Her research interest is in exploring contextual dynamics – socio-economic, cultural and environmental – particularly with regards to the development of sustainable built environments. She coordinated the SYHA Project Stack, 2018-2021.


Rowan Mackay, Live Works Coordinator

Rowan worked with the Live Works team in 2015 on the setting up of our first Urban Room in Union St, strategic development and project delivery.


Thanks to all the Students and Graduates who have worked with us!

Connor Tulip, Sasha Yeap, Ankie Ng, Harry Grant, Dovydas Simkus, Katherine Dauncey, John McGrath, Alice Grant, Bor-Ren Hui, Joseph Chapman, Maha Komber, Banah Rashid, Kaspar Pach, Simeon Shtebunaev, David Gibson, Ashley Mountain, Kate Nicholson, Maleeka Metteden, Chris Cooper, Lucy Uren, Nick Birchall, Ania Wozniczka-Wells, Helen Berg, Matthew Pearson, Ross Jordan, Joe Wallbank, Emma Graham, Richard Webster, Lian Tee, Jessica Haigh, Eirini Christofidou