Live Works does research in collaboration with community groups and our academic partners. Our research work is contributing to global discourse on topics such as local resilience, sustainable regeneration, creative community engagement and co-design.
Design Research

We develop our projects through research-led design, that is, we inform our designs with ideas that have been tested rigorously by ourselves and others. We can work with researchers and practitioners to test their ideas through an iterative process of design development, developing qualitative research on the relationship between people and the built environment.

Creative Community Engagement

Over many years of working with communities in and around Sheffield we have developed extensive networks of local groups and organisations. We partner with researchers who wish to work with community groups to facilitate the production of rigorous and ethical community-based research. Researchers and practitioners benefit from our expertise in using a wide range of tools and methods to facilitate creative community engagement.

Co-production of Research

We can help foster long-term relationships between researchers, practitioners, local organisations and community groups and facilitate the co-production of locally relevant research. We can help researchers develop long-term strategies for the participation of local people in the shared production of knowledge about their built environment.

Evaluation of Impact

The evaluation of impact is key to the success of research projects and Live Works offers expertise in the documentation of the impact of community-based research. We also offer expertise in the visual communication of the effects of academic research on people’s relationship with the built environment.