what can (not) be done

‘What can (not) be done?’

17-18 February 2016

On 17-18 February, Live Works hosted ‘What can (not) be done?’, a two day event with SSoA Visiting Professors Ana Džokic and Marc Neelen from STEALTH.unlimited. The event focused on those situations where our efforts to reach a “better” urban future – more resilient, sustainable, fair, inspiring – hit the boundaries of what is achievable, permissible or generally accepted.

The event began with a research symposium, where Ana and Marc were joined by Krzysztof Nawratek, Nadia Bertolino and Carolyn Butterworth for a series of presentations. Over the two days Ana and Marc worked with 24 masters students from the two design studios, ‘In Residence’ and ‘After Belonging’ to explore a variety of different regeneration scenarios for the Castlegate area of Sheffield. Each scenario took its priorities from a key stakeholder in the area and the intersections between the sometimes aligned and sometimes conflicting strategies were mapped and explored.

STEALTH.unlimited (2000, Rotterdam/Belgrade) is the practice of Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen. Although initially trained as architects, for 15 years their work is equally based in the context of contemporary art and culture. Through intensive collaboration with individuals, organisations and institutions, STEALTH connect urban research, visual arts, spatial interventions and cultural activism.

Workshop with Stealth.unlimited