Our project office works with community clients to deliver design projects that foster better relationships between people and their built environment.
Project Inception and Feasibility

We offer a range of research-led design services including in-depth contextual and site analyses, feasibility studies and on-site testing of prototypes. We work with local people to understand the complexities of an area’s physical, social and environmental context, leading to more sustainable, useful and meaningful design.

Strategic Design

Through creative community engagement we can produce strategies at many different scales from building to street to neighbourhood to city to region. We integrate best practice in urban design, public art, architecture and place-making to produce visions for sustainable places that enhance people’s lives.

Detail Design

We can deliver detailed design packages for work to existing buildings, small-scale new build and temporary structures. We can work with quantity surveyors, structural engineers and other construction professionals to deliver these projects.

Creative Community Engagement

We use a wide range of activities and techniques to engage a local community in a project on behalf of our public and third-sector clients. Through workshops, exhibitions, tours, events, and using co-produced drawings, models and installations, we enable people to engage their imagination in the future of their place.

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