urn meeting

We recently hosted the second Urban Rooms Network meeting in the Live Works urban room, which brought together members from across the country. The network, chaired by Live Works’ Carolyn Butterworth, aims to share practice and offer support between network members, as well as work together to promote the value of urban rooms to others.

During the meeting we began to develop a definition of an ‘urban room’, map the types and locations of existing and proposed urban rooms, as well as record the different types of activities undertaken by our members. We are hoping to build upon this work over the coming months, in order to compile a shared resource of urban rooms and their methods.

The meeting also gave members a chance to visit the Live Works urban room and see what we have been doing over the last year.

If you are or are interested in setting up an urban room and would like more information on how the network is supporting groups around the country, please get in touch.

Urban Rooms Network meeting