Doncaster Toolkit is an educational resource aimed at inspiring young people in Doncaster to engage with their built environment in their everyday life, and be actively involved in the town’s development.

October 2012 – December 2013 / Doncaster / in partnership with Doncaster Civic Trust

The resource was developed and produced by Live Works in collaboration with Doncaster Civic Trust in 2013. Starting out as a Sheffield School of Architecture Live Project, the prototype was designed by postgraduate students and won the Inaugural Live Project Award by BDP.  It has since been produced and distributed in over 190 schools in Doncaster and is now being integrated in the curriculum as a tool to teach local studies and architecture.

The toolkit comprises of an activities guide, to be used by teachers and facilitators to help students develop basic architectural skills, a boardgame, promoting a playful way to learn about Doncaster, as well as a website and two web-based applications.

Doncaster Toolkit